Pouchain Real Estate is the creative network serving high end and luxury contemporary real estate.

We are architects, so we know the value of real estate, whether in place or potential, and especially the importance of a service tailored to the needs of individuals.
We are deep experts in heritage: we investigate the territory and extract the value of a property from a history that blends architecture and nature, culture and ancient crafts, food and wine tradition and made in Italy.
We are professionals who communicate effectively,  in English and with an international language. Our channels are analog and digital, all those that the times offer, used to their full potential.
We are interpreters of authentic luxury, which is not an economic factor, but the dimension that nurtures well-being and good living.
We are a digital, digitized, data-driven agency: we monitor the market and calls for proposals, funding streams and resources. We know how valuable time is, so we process data to return it to clients in the form of targeted proposals.
We are a creative network: we tell the story of the territory and tell it through carefully crafted editorial products: with us, each house or dwelling has a dedicated brochure, illustrated with the highest quality images of the best photography professionals.
We are multidisciplinary: our work begins with the preliminary bureaucracy and ends after the purchase and sale, activating those services that make our network a complete reality in customer care.


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